Osaka Against Racism March

It’s time for the “Say No to Xenophobia!” Parade!  Please bring your friends along and have fun!  Everyone is welcome so lets march and be merry together.  And don’t forget to be “sun-smart”!

“Kill Them! Get Out! Go Home! Throw them Out! Japan is only for Japanese!”
These words, known as `Hate Speech`, are offensive to EVERYONE’S dignity.
Practically unheard of in Japan some years ago, `Hate Speech`, has in recent times reared its ugly head on our city streets such as Osaka and Tokyo.
No one wants to hear this kind of filthy and offensive language.
Naturally, a lot of people are offended by this but do nothing about it. However, the reality is that amongst those people there are some who are being deeply wounded and affected by such violent language.
It’s happening right at this moment.
Who does this city belong really to?
Let’s remind those who spew out `Hate Speech` that this city is for EVERYONE who lives here.
No one needs to leave this city and no one has the right to tell someone to “go home” because of their race or nationality.
A Japan where foreigners can’t feel safe?
This idea is totally unacceptable.
First, let’s put a stop to these words of violence. Let’s say clearly that no matter where you come from Japan is accepting of you.
Let’s declare this, starting from our city, Osaka, to the rest of Japan.
No one will be told to leave! It won’t happen! We won’t allow it to happen!
Let’s work together to make Osaka a friendly, livable city for everyone.
Let’s march together down Midosuji street this summer.
With a lot of people thinking this simple but vital idea the `Osaka Against Racism` march was born and will be held on July 20th, this year.
Let’s unite and fight against racism in Japan!





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